Friday, April 27, 2007

At : Air Traffic Controller Sick From Tower

Employee sick from deplorable conditions with Tower at Detroit Metro; Other emloyees sick and making cognitive errors within the toxic tower. FAA sends termination papers to employee? For getting sick from his workplace? Is the air space unsafe? It's time to take action.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mold Health Conference Held In Ga.

We did it! This seminar led us to many mold-sickened people in Ga. and Carolina. Dr. Andrew Campbell, Iris and Tlee saw victims, indoor air people, realtors and others show great concern over mold/mycotoxins. With over 80 people present, Dr. Campbell shared insight to a national health crisis! Many lose health, homes and careers due to mold-contamination. School children, Veterans, Katrina victims, the public - Sickbuildings can make you very sick. There was such a big response we will begin Mold Support Group Meeting in the near future, so we can help one another. There's also some other major breakthroughs in the works which may help anyone be able to get tested and treated for mold illness. We give God and the power of prayer all the credit. Iris, Tlee and Kim

We appreciate local sponsors for the amphitheater and thank mold victim, Kimberly Moody for helping us. We were honored to speak about toxic mold along with Dr. Campbell on some wonderful talkshows. We'll keep you updated to time and place for next meetings. God bless you all. By coming together we can beat this! Thanks for prayers and support...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Agape Outreach Houses Toxic Mold Victims

True story - song lyrics from the heart; Poisoned, forced to abandon possessions, homeless, hopeless; ministry takes us in. Countless others losing health, homes, careers due to mold related illness. Even children get no medical care or assistance. Photos show the real face of toxic mold; Lyrics share Agape Love. A must to see for yourself.

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Toxic Mold _ Wall Street Uncovers Conflict Of Interest

ACOEM papers written with bias? Did authors have a vested interest? Is the plausibilty of indoor molds affecting one's health without merit? As many suffer mold induced illnesses, is this just a ploy to deny legitimate claims? Wall Street investigation leads to story. Victim shares photos of injuries. Does the rat study make any sense?

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