Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mold In Bible - Saddam - Photos Show Injury

Dr. Andrew Campbell and recent victim of toxic mold share history, symptoms, photos of mold induced injury; what to look for in adverse health effects. Even in Bible days they knew how dangerous mold was. It's stealing the innocent lives of people all over the nation. This is just one example. Please take it serious. Iris & Tlee

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Zenith29 said...

Read your story. There are people including myself allvoer the world and USA who have to endure mold and mildew from slumlords who do not know what it causes. I myself became very very ill and stopped breathing with some sort of viral lung infection after moving into one. Sign our petition online to Stop slumlords now.

I also added your story and links to our page at where people can find you. I hope u r better and doing ok.

The page is found at: