Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Toxic Mold - Wall Street Exposes Conflict Of Interest - Victim Speaks Out

ACOEM papers written with bias? Did authors have a vested interest? Is the plausibilty of indoor molds affecting one's health without merit? As many suffer mold induced illnesses, is this just a ploy to deny legitimate claims? Wall Street investigation leads to story. Victim shares photos of injuries. Does the rat study make any sense?

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Chris said...

I've read many stories on this site and the illness so many have endured is simply sad.

I know mold is a problem and beleive prevention needs to be taken into all new buildings. Obviously there are existing buildings that need remediation.

It isn't that difficult or expensive to perform either of these. Visit They have products developed by Dow Chemical and further engineered at Emory University. They kill, clean, and prevent mold and several other fungi and bacteria.